Activities and annual reports

The activities of the SCHR arise from the projects agreed upon in the annual performance contracts with the Confederation, as well as from various other mandates received of interested parties.

Five pillars

The activities of the SCHR are built upon the following pillars:

  • Provision of practice-orientated professional competence
  • Research projects and evaluation of the consequences and concrete implementation of human rights norms in daily practice
  • Promotion of systematic exchange of know-how and dialogue
  • Documentation and analysis of the human rights situation in Switzerland
  • Training and the development of instruments for human rights education and of an awareness for human rights issues

Annual report

All information on the activities of the SCHR is provided in the annual reports. All studies and expert opinions published can be found in German or Franch in the chapter publications. The newsletter articles are listed in German or French under the individual Thematic Clusters

Annual accounts

The SCHR gets a core funding from the Confederation through the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) amounting to one million CHF a year (before VAT deduction). In return, the SCHR provides services that are defined annually with the Government. 

The network infrastructure is provided by the cantons in charge of the universities participating in the SCHR network. Members of the SCHR Board of Directors contribute partly on a voluntary basis to the activities of the Centre.

In addition to the core funding, the SCHR produces income by carrying out mandates for public authorities, NGOs or the private economy sector. The volume of income from these additional mandates increased from CHF 4 500 in 2011 to nearly CHF 335 000 in 2015.

The annual accounts checked by KPMG relate only to the core funding provided by the Confederation.