Organisation chart of the SCHR

Accompanying bodies

Organisational structure

Steering Committee

Representatives from
the Federal Government

Advisory Board

Personalities from administration, politics, economy, and
civil society

Board of Directors

  • Director
  • Representatives from the Universities
  • Manager (with advisory role)


  • Director
  • Manager
  • Staff

Thematic Clusters

  • Thematic Cluster Manager
  • Research Fellows

→ Organisation chart (PDF, 1 p.)

Structure of the SCHR


The Director is responsible for the coordination of all activities of the SCHR. He is the public representative of the Centre. He assures the coherence and quality of services of the SCHR and heads the meetings of the Board of Directors.

→ Information on the Director

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines the strategic orientation of the SCHR and determines the rules of procedure (PDF, in German, 7 p.) and the work programme. In addition, the Board of Directors coordinates the work carried out in the various subject areas and is responsible for the quality control of the SCHR’s activities. He also approves the yearly budget of the SCHR.

The Board of Directors is made up of two representatives from each partner University and is chaired by the Director. The Manager also participates to the meetings of the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity.

Membres of the Board of Directors:


The Secretariat serves as the SCHR contact point for all inquiries and mandates. It coordinates the implementation of the projects, organizes the exchange of information with and between the human rights actors, supporting the Thematic Clusters in operative concerns. The Secretariat also handles internal and external communication as well as administrative processes.

→ Information on the Secretariat

Thematic Clusters

The partner Universities appoint heads of the different Thematic Clusters that will then cooperate with academics from their own Universities and with each other, depending on the issue. They also create and expand subject-related networks in both Switzerland and abroad.

→ Information on the Thematic Clusters

Partner Universities

Each of the partner Universities is responsible for one or more Thematic Clusters of study of the SCHR:

The partner Universities have governed their working relationship within the SCHR in a binding agreement (PDF, 9 p., in German).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP). It approves the service contracts and performs regular monitoring of the use of the contribution of the Confederation.

→ Information on the service contracts and the contribution of the Confederation

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of personalities from administration, politics, economy and civil society. It advises the Board of Directors with regard to its strategic direction and can make recommendations.

Presidency of the Advisory Board:

  • President: Eugen David, former member of the Council of States Canton of St Gallen (CVP)
  • Vice-President: Doris Angst, Expert, former Director of the Federal Commission Against Racism FCR

Members of the SCHR Advisory Board:

Marianne Aeberhard, Gülcan Akkaya, Liselotte Arni, Wolfgang Bürgstein, Damien Cottier, Valentina Darbellay, Yvonne Feri, Martin Flügel, Bettina Fredrich, Ida Glanzmann-Hunkeler, Balthasar Glättli, Patrick Guidon, Ulrich E. Gut, Kurt Gysi, Marianne Helfer, Erich Herzog, Max Hofmann, Michael Ineichen, Amina Joubli, Claudia Kaufmann, Susanne Kuster, Bettina Looser, Christine Löw, Markus Mader, Regula Mader, Roland Mayer, Gabriela Medici, Melanie Mettler, Thomas Müller, Vreni Müller-Hemmi, Luc Recordon, Roland Schmid, Anne Seydoux-Christe, Gaby Szöllösy, Marco Taddei, Geert van Dok.

→ List of the members of the SCHR Advisory Board (PDF, 2 p.)

→ Internal regulations of the SCHR Advisory Board (PDF, 4 p. in German)